Work Offline

Enable workers to disconnect from the network, collect data, reconnect, and submit changes to the server.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, data collectors must disconnect from the network to collect data.

To do so, perform this sequence of manual operations:

  1. Enable Offline Access
  2. Synchronize
  3. Disconnect
  4. Collect Data
  5. Reconnect
  6. Upload


  • While offline, you cannot switch accounts
  • Synching data may take time, depending on data volume, network speed, and device capabilities 


 Enable Offline Access

To enable offline access:

  1. Invoke AssetTrack Web server
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Scroll down to Mobile device settings
  4. Select Enabled option for the Offline enabled field
  5. Select the Save settings command to save your changes (at bottom of page)
  6. Clear the API cache, using this url: https://<YourSiteNameHere>/atapi/clearcache
  7. Observe the page and message:  {"message":"all cache's cleared"}
  8. Invoke the AssetTrack client
  9. Verify the Sync and Disconnect menu items are enabled

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Synchronize your data (to collect data locally) before disconnecting AssetTrack from the network:

  1. Invoke AssetTrack 
  2. Select the menu icon  to see available forms
  3. Select Sync icon  near bottom right to synchronize your data with AssetTrack server
  4. Observe the results, noting the the checked items for completed operations

You are now ready to disconnect from AssetTrack Server.

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Once synchronized, you can disconnect (go offline) from the AssetTrack server:

  1. Invoke AssetTrack 
  2. Select the menu icon  to see available forms
  3. Select Disconnect
  4. Observe the messagePreparing Offline Data , which indexes locally-saved data for rapid access

You are now ready to collect data, offline.

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 Collect Data

Collect and view your locally saved work:

Collect Data:

  1. Perform a data collection operation
  2. Select the upload icon Save_offline.png at bottom right to save your work locally
  3. Observe the visual and audio prompt when saved
  4. Repeat for other forms and data you wish to collect

View Saved Forms:

  1. Select the menu icon  to see available forms
  2. Note the counter to right, showing how many times the form has been saved and must still be uploaded

View Saved Data:

AssetTrack saved your work locally into the queue. To view:

  1. Select the menu icon  to see available forms
  2. Select Queue
  3. Observe a list of tasks and statuses, pending upload
  4. Select the pencil icon  to optionally edit a task
  5. Select the ellipses icon ••• to optionally remove a task from the queue

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After collecting data in offline mode, reconnect to AssetTrack server, to subsequently upload your saved work:

  1. Select the menu icon  to see available forms
  2. Select Connect
  3. Verify you're connected by seeing the Disconnect menu item



Once reconnected to AssetTrack server, it's time to upload your saved data:

  1. Select the menu icon  to see available forms
  2. Select Queue to open the queue
  3. Select the upload icon  to save your work to AssetTrack server
  4. Optionally, select the command to clear the queue (at top right)

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