Perform AssetTrack Basics

Learn how to perform the basic AssetTrack functions: 


 Select a Form

AssetTrack works extensively with forms (e.g. Inventory, Audit, Check in) to collect and manage your asset data. Consult with your Asset Manager to use the appropriate forms for your function.

  1. Select menu icon  to view the forms list (on AssetTrack Mobile)
  2. Select your desired form 


Look-up Asset Data

Use AssetTrack to look-up asset data in the following ways. 

Scan With a Camera

  1. Sign in to AssetTrack with your camera
  2. Select the desired form
  3. Select the scan command Scan_button.png to scan an asset tag or serial number
  4. Scan the barcode
  5. Observe the populated fields based on the scanned field 

Scan With a Bluetooth Device

AssetTrack supports any Bluetooth or tethered scanner. To use:

  1. Pair the scanner with your device in keyboard mode, for all scans to be entered as if you were typing on the keyboard
  2. Sign in to AssetTrack Web
  3. Select the desired form
  4. Scan the barcode with your bluetooth scanner. AssetTrack will input the scanned value into the appropriate look-up field.

Look-Up an Asset Manually

Use AssetTrack to search for an asset by Asset Ta, Serial Number, MAC Address, or other Custom Key Field when a barcode tag or scanner is not available.

  1. Sign in to AssetTrack
  2. Select the desired form
  3. Select the search icon Lookup.png
  4. Enter a value for either the Asset Tag or Serial number
  5. Observe the results based on the specified look-up

Lock a Field

Lock a field to perform rapid data entry by not having to re-enter the field value:

  1. Specify the desired value for the field you wish to lock
  2. Toggle the lock icon   next to the name of the field (Desktop only)
  3. Mobile users will long press on the field and it will lock
  4. Complete your work for this asset
  5. Save your work (Once saved, locked fields will retain their value across data collection sessions)

Scan Field Data

Scan data into any field where a barcode is available:

  1. Select the scan icon infield_scan.png for any available field in the current lookup form
  2. Scan the barcode for that field
  3. Observe the field results (if found, the field will be populated, if not, you will see a message indicating that scanned value was not found)

Browse Locations and Organizations

AssetTrack supports hierarchal browsing and selection for Location and Organization (Location used the example below)

  1. Select the Location field in the current look-up form
  2. Observe the 1st tier of locations presented 
  3. Use the arrows Arrow.png to locations under selected location
  4. Repeat this process to traverse into the next deeper Location tier
  5. Select a location to add to the form
  6. At lower levels use the blue back arrow back_arrow.png to navigate back up through the locations. (This will also have the name of the location that you are under)

Look-up Model or Assignee

Use the search feature to find Models or Assignees of assets (model in this example):

  1. Select the Model field in the current look-up form
  2. Type any portion of the desired Model to find (e.g. 'mac')
  3. Auto Complete will start showing results (Only exact match searches)
  4. For a contains search hit enter after typing to get other results
  5. Select the desired model to populate the form field


 Collect Single Asset

Use AssetTrack Single forms to collect or update fields for a single asset.

  1. Select the desired single type of form
  2. Scan Scan_button.pngor manually enter Lookup.png an asset tag or serial number
  3. Observe the populated form for the found asset tag
  4. Select a field to edit
  5. Change the value for the selected field
  6. Select the cloud icon Upload.png to upload/save your changes


 Collect Bulk Assets

Use bulk asset forms to collect or update assets en masse (for example, move many assets to a new location):

  1. Select a bulk list type of form
  2. Select the scan icon Scan_button.png to place AssetTrack into scanning mode
  3. Scan multiple assets
  4. Observe the populated asset list for each scanned asset



  • Known Assets - Scanned assets found in the database display as white, with an audile sound indicating success. 
  • Rogue Assets (not found) - Scanned assets not found in the database display as red, with a message indicating that the asset was not found. Ask your Asset Manager which form to use to receive rogue assets.
  • SwapIcon.pngSwapIcon2.png Template Scan - This toggle button allows you to fill out the bulk fields with the next scan.  Useful when you need to swap out an asset.  Orange = Enabled.

Edit Asset

To edit an asset in the list:

  1. Select an asset in the list
  2. Observe the available fields to edit
  3. Select the field to edit
  4. Make your changes to the selected field
  5. Repeat for each field you wish to edit
  6. Select 
  7. Observe how the list re-displays

Remove Asset

To remove an asset from the list:

  1. Select the trash can icon  for the asset to remove
  2. Respond to the confirmation prompt
  3. Observe the updated list, no longer showing the removed asset


Save Your Work

To save and update the database with your form:

  1. Select the cloud icon Upload.png to save your work
  2. Observe spinning indicator  save.png while processing your save request
  3. Observe the indicator saved.png and audible sound for a completed, successful save

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Sign Out

To log out of AssetTrack:

  1. Select the main menu icon  
  2. Observe the available menu items
  3. Select the Sign Out menu item near the bottom of the main menu


Repartner Your Device

To reconnect your device to another AssetTrack server:

  1. Select the main menu icon  
  2. Observe the available menu items
  3. Select the Repartner menu item
  4. Specify the URL as prompted to an AssetTrack server
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