Audit Assets

Use AssetTrack to quickly correct errors and identify missing assets.

AssetTrack is a highly customizable solution. You can design and create forms to customize your asset management activities, including this form to audit your assets. This page demonstrates how to audit assets by location. Use this an example to audit your assets by this or other criteria (e.g. Stockroom, Rack, ...)

As a data collector, I want to audit a location, to know if our asset inventory is accurate (which will help us succeed an audit and avoid any financial penalties)


 Select a Location

Select a location to audit:

  • Go to the physical location for this audit
  • Invoke the Location Audit form in the web or mobile application
  • Click the Location field to search and browse for your location
  • Select a location to audit



 View Assets

View the assets for the specified location:

  • Select the Search command to show assets for your location
  • Observe number of assets found
  • View list of assets found


 Filter Assets

Filter your results:

  • Select the desired filter
    •       All - Show all assets
    •  Found - Scanned assets found as expected
    •  Expected - Not yet scanned assets, that are expected to be found
    •  New - Scanned assets we've never seen before (not in the database)
    •  Unexpected - Scanned assets found, but reported in a different location
    •  Error - Assets violating a validation rule (must be fixed before uploading)
    •  Warning - Assets violating a validating rule (can proceed with uploading)
  • Observe the results for the selected filter



 Scan Assets

Scan assets in your presence, to verify against your current location:

  • Scan your assets to start the audit of this location
  • Observe the asset list showing newly entered items, with colorized backgrounds as described in the Filter Assets list above
  • Observe the asset counts bar showing the counts and colors for each item, as described in the Filter Assets list above



 Save Audit Results

Save and upload your audit results:

  • Select the upload icon to save your changes to the database
  • Observe any errors or warnings to know if you must fix something before uploading
  • You have completed the audit for this location
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