AssetTrack is now available for install and upgrade. 

Key Features:

  • New AT4 UI/UX
  • New AT4 Installer
  • JavaScript Integration
  • Audit by Any field and Spot Audit

Server Installers:

New features

  • ServiceDesk Handler - New atconfig setting "SDRemoveClass" that controls whether or not we talk directly to the ServiceDesk db during publishing to determine if we need to remove the Class from the asset record being published (comments suggest we ran into errors when including that data point). Also removed unnecessary db check that verified the asset's ServiceDesk model id was still the same
  • Audit - Allow audit by any field
  • JavaScript Handler - Auto-publishing with the JavaScript handler would result in an error, requiring all records to be manually published through the Queue
  • Spot Audit - New percentage setting for audit forms, allows performing an audit on a random percentage
  • Scan Icons - Updated barcode and RFID scan icons to be skeuomorphic
  • Single column field list - Removed horizontal tiling on desktop in single forms
  • Hierarchical display - Updated hierarchical fields and picker to use new display format
  • Inline entity pickers - Added inline pickers to fields on desktop and changed mobile to use input fields
  • Legacy/Import - Import CA owner to assignee 2
  • Publish - CA connection and command timeout settings
  • Publish - CA 12/14 owner
  • AT4 Client - Added AMI AssetTrack logo to WebApi login page
  • Legacy - Adding support for MC67NA
  • Legacy - Removed quick search
  • Legacy - Updating to .NET 4.0 on server led to a required change for how we spawn background threads ... previous way was resulting in the threads getting terminated out from under the running code. Not a final solution, but a band-aid
  • Installer - On Server 2012, snooping for required ASP.NET 4.5 role. No longer snooping for ASP.NET role on 2008
  • Legacy - QueueSummary and PublishedDataSummary updated with BatchId and BatchNumber
  • AT4 Client iOS - Improved connection/disconnection behavior for Zebra RFD8500 RFID scanner
  • AT4 Client - Added autocomplete to entity fields using startswith query - limited to 3+ characters in offline

Bug fixes

  • AT4 Client - Bug Fix - Updating a field value in one dog tag updated the same field in all dog tags
  • AT4 Client IE - Fix issue with new login popup prompt not working properly in IE with compatibility mode enabled
  • AT4 Api - Security Fix - mask password information in elmah logs
  • Legacy - ServiceDesk handler - When location was not on the form, a null reference exception occurred when publishing
  • AT4 Client iOS - Fix issue with being unable to repartner
  • AT4 Client - Out-of-the-box AssetTrack 'Audit' form did not would not run validation correctly due to invalid config coming from server
  • AT4 Client IE - Fix issue where a burst of sound would happen when opening a form from a fresh app load on IE & Edge
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