URL Form Launching

The AssetTrack application can be launched using a custom URL shortcut or URL link placed on the device or hosted internally on a customer webpage.

Formatting for the URL launch format for AssetTrack 4 is as follows:


The "urlencodedJSON" is JSON in the format of:



"server": "<full api url>",

"form": "<form name>",

"fields": [

{"<field1 label>": "<field1 value>"},

{"<field2 label>": "<field2 value>"}




The fields that can be auto-filled are text, date, number, and pick list values such as state or substate. Reference fields such as location and model are not supported. Auto-filling the fields are not required. The form name is always required. 

The encoder at http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder/ works for URL encoding the JSON.

As an example, the following JSON is for the ServiceNow environment "exampletestserver":


{"server":"https://exampletestserver.service-now.com/api/x_amiam_assettrack/atapi","form":"Receive","fields":[{"PO Number":"PO1000002"}]}


Using the encoder link above, would make the final URL:


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