AssetTrack is now available for install and upgrade. 

Key Features:

  • Maintenance release
  • New AT4 installer
  • Audit by more than one field

New features

  • AT4 - New installer which replaces the old WebApi and WebClient installers
  • Legacy - Added 3 more audit by fields
  • Legacy - Added image columns to search results when there are image attachments
  • AT4 Mobile - Changed navigation controls within PO forms to align better with new UX 
  • AT4 Mobile - Added a bulk field peek view at the top of the dog tag view
  • Importer/Legacy - Added reIndex flag to turn off reindexing of the database before/after import: /reIndex:-

Bug fixes

  • AT4 - Bug validation not triggered when selecting hierarchical entities that are not leaf most
  • FIS - No longer use NamePath for resolution of hierarchical types ancestry to allow for ' > ' in name of hierarchical types
  • AT4 - Fixed duplicate unexpected records in audit forms
  • AT4 - Filter now defaults to ALL on audit forms 
  • AT4 - Filter popup now closes automatically after selecting a filter 
  • AT4 - Fixed issues with validation not running/displaying properly in PO forms
  • Legacy - Fixed the QueueSummaryView not loading
  • AT4 - Fixed issue with client not warning user of unsaved data on PO forms while in a POLI when attempting navigation
  • AT4 - AssetTrack with WinAuth corrected to use the SecurityUser.WindowsLoginID field
  • AT4 - Fixed issue with validation not posting messages to UI
  • AT4 - Offline search doesn't work for entities that reference another hierarchical entity not on the form. (i.e. can't search for Assignee when Organization is not on the form)
  • AT4 - Attachment fields not working after client UX refresh
  • APM 12 Publishing - No longer updating the lifecycle status date and service status date every time. Only touch lifecycle and service status values (and associated date) if the status value is new
  • AT4 - Fixed some layout issues in IE10 
  • AT4 - Fixed issue where longer field labels (e.g. Organization) on dog tags would be elided on narrow (e.g. iPhone 5) screens
  • AT4 - Fixed issue with Sign Out button not returning to 'Sign Out' after leaving Offline mode
  • AT4 - Offline - Fixed issue with offline autocomplete failing if lookup field (e.g. Assignee Code) is null in the database
  • AT4 - Fixed issue with some validation (e.g. value has changed) not appearing on the looked up value of bulk fields within the dog tag edit pane (but indicating there is an issue on the dog tag)
  • AT4 - Fixed some style errors for readonly fields of certain types (e.g. picklists)
  • AT4 - Fixed issue with extra controls appearing on PO/POLI pages when editing an entity field in new PO UX 
  • AT4 - Fixed issue with upload button spilling off the screen on narrow screens (e.g. iPhone 5) when current form title is quite long (e.g. PO) 
  • AT4 - Fixed issue with upload button not hiding properly when returning PO quantity received to 0 or when navigating back into a POLI after collecting something
  • AT4 - Added autocomplete entries for PO and POLI fields
  • Legacy - Importer could fail on large file sets due to out of memory exception
  • Upload Forms - Empty values for key fields were being treated as empty string for validation. Now treated as null to prevent false validation fireing
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