Barcode and RFID Readers Supported by AssetTrack

AssetTrack works with most barcode and RFID reader hardware. These include Bluetooth attachments, USB tethered devices, sleds for smartphones and tablets, and ruggedized all-in-one devices. A detailed list of supported devices is available below.

Mobile Devices with Camera Barcode Scanning

AssetTrack supports camera barcode scanning on iOS and Android devices. 

iOS - AssetTrack is available for free from the App Store, and supports any device running the current or most previous version of iOS.

Android - AssetTrack is available from the Google Play store and supports all Android devices running Kitkat or later operating system.

USB and Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

AssetTrack also works with any USB or Bluetooth tethered barcode scanner which can be paired with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop running AssetTrack.  Common devices we recommend include:

Zebra Rugged Scanning Devices

AssetTrack supports most Zebra devices natively. There are many Zebra device configuration options (imager/laser, keyboard, cellular/WiFi radios, RFID), affecting capabilities and price. See more on Zebra's website.

RFID Handheld Scanners

AssetTrack version 4.12 or later supports any RFID reader that can connect via Bluetooth or USB as a keyboard.

AssetTrack supports these Zebra RFID readers natively.

Zebra RFD8500  Zebra's Bluetooth passive RFID reader that pairs with your smartphone.

Zebra MC3390R  Zebra's Bluetooth passive RFID reader that pairs with your smartphone.

RFID Portal Readers

AssetTrack for ServiceNow supports the Impinj xSpan RAIN passive RFID reader.


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