Zebra TC70 patch to fix the white screen issue in AssetTrack

Caution: Only install this patch if your OS version is 4.4.3 and you are receiving a white screen when running the AssetTrack application.


1. Plug the TC70 to the USB Cable and then the Cable to the PC. If you have a Cradle with
USB connectivity, connect it
2. You will be connected as a media device
3. Download following package - http://installers.amitracks.com.s3.amazonaws.com/tc70/signed_TC70_ProxyPatch.zip
4. Now, copy the .zip files to your TC70’s storage.
5. You will need to put your device into Recovery Mode.
    a. Hold the “Power Key” until “Reset” option appears and then release
    b. Tap “Reset” and then immediately hold the “Scan Key” until recovery mode is
        initiated (Let go after you feel the vibration)
    c. Once on the Recovery Screen, scroll down using “Volume Keys” +/- to the
        location where you copied the file and press the “Scan Key”
    d. Follow same procedure and select the signed_TC70_ProxyPatch.zip with “Scan Key”
    e. Upon completion, the device will reboot to Recovery Mode screen
    h. Upon completion of all of the updates, the device will reboot to Recovery Mode
        screen. Select, “reboot system now” with the “Scan Key”, you will see device
        reboot to Android Home Screen

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