Using Elmah to View AssetTrack API errors


If you are having issues connecting to your AssetTrack API, go to the localhost and navigate to https://localhost/atapi/elmah for SSL or http://localhost/atapi/elmah for non SSL sites. This will bring up elmah, which will display errors that you are having with your API.

Shown bleow you can see an example of the elmah page, it displays a list of all the errors, giving you the user who got the error, the date, and the time it occured. You are able to click on Details link in the error section of the table below, to get more information on the error.  

After clicking on Details, the page below opens. If you are having trouble fixing the error, you can download a JSON at the bottom of the page and send it to AMI support

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  • John E Mcconnell

    Can't access from NON server local host.

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