New features

  • Initial release of AT4 universal client.
  • Initial release of AT4 web api.
  • Windows Mobile Client / Server - Add product support to quick sync 
  • Windows Mobile Client / Server - Location audit form will now use the location from a scanned asset to set the audit location. 
  • Server - APM 11 integration can be configured to use a custom field for the asset tag value in both import and export.
  • Windows Mobile Client / Server - New setting to choose between NUL terminated ASCII encoding or Fixed length HEX for parsing RFID tag values. 
  • Server - Update XSL handler to support attachment fields.
  • Server - APM 12 Custom field publishing.
  • Windows Mobile Client - Stockroom audit form.
  • Windows Mobile Client - Add context menu to task form for manual lookup of key field value.
  • Server, Console, Windows Mobile Client - Remove CA Freetext locations for audit form.
  • Server - Publishing support for ServiceNow integration.

Bug fixes

  • Windows Mobile Client / Server - Fix for quick sync download on IIS 6.
  • Windows Mobile Client - Improve pre-requisite message for hierarchical fields.
  • Windows Mobile Client - Update Symbol libraries.
  • Console, Form Design - It was possible to create a blank options that became attached to the global definition of a PickList field (not by design). This created various issues with other AssetTrack sub-systems.
  • Server - Fix autocomplete on Asset Detail and Web Task Forms for chrome on firefox.
  • Server - Fix saved search results to show label value of pick list fields.
  • Server - Fix publishing issue with custom field updates.
  • Server - Fix import issue when Perform Deactivation is disabled.
  • Server - Fix APM handler to set description when publishing.
  • Server - Fix upload form location handling to allow assignment of code value.
  • Server - Fix error in displaying time zones.
  • Server - Fix Uberdom  Add email to assignee information.
  • Server - Include assettrack assettag in error message when failing to update asset record on apm import because of duplicate assettag.
  • Server - Fix Adding audit trail user to APM 12 publishing.
  • Windows Mobile Client - Fix assignee scan to perform code lookup.
  • Windows Mobile Client - Fix cache expiration for audit form to improve performance.
  • Server - Update sync plans to handle locations when none present.
  • Installer - Set DB collation during creation of AssetTrack database.
  • Server - Fix AssetTrack handler to handle assignee2 field
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