Move Forms to Another Server

1. Log into your old AssetTrack Web App environment.
2. Click on the Transfer Config Tab

3. Click the Export Configuration button

4. Click Save

5. Save the file to a location you will remember
6. Log into your new AssetTrack Web App environment
7. Click on the Transfer Config Tab

8. Select the Replace all existing forms check box
9. Click on the Transfer Config Tab

10. Click the Browse button and then navigate to the .atconfig file saved earlier in step 5
11. Click the Import Configuration button

12. Click OK

13. Open the Console and verify that the new forms are now in the new environment.

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  • BNYMellon

    One note, the .atconfig file does NOT move any security items. So users / groups have to be moved manually between environments.

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  • Frank Earnhardt

    Is there a way to export/import via cmd-line ?

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