Quick Sync

You can quickly download the latest asset, PO and model records from the server using the Quick Sync icon on the main menu.  Quick Sync is a fast way to get the latest data without having to wait for a full sync plan to complete.  Quick Sync can take a few minutes, whereas full sync plans can take up to an hour to complete depending on the volume of data that is downloaded.

Quick Sync will not download new locations, assignees, organizations or other pick list data.  It only downloads assets, models and POs.  Therefore, you should run a full sync plan on a regular basis.  

AMI recommends running a sync plan once per week, then using Quick Sync on a day-to-day basis to keep up to date.

Running Quick Sync 

Before using Quick Sync, you must run a full sync by Downloading Data to your Device. If you have not run a sync plan, the Quick Sync icon will not appear.

To run a Quick Sync to download assets, models and POs to the device:

  1. Ensure that your device is connected to the network.   If you do not have a wifi capable device, you will need to connect your device using a cradle.  See Connecting your Device Using Windows Mobile Device Center for more information.
  2. Start AssetTrack Mobile and Log In. The AssetTrack main menu appears.
  3. Tap the Quick Sync icon. The Quick Sync form appears, connects to the server, and downloads new data since the last sync.
  4. The System will display Sync Complete when the device has finished downloading the new data.
  5. Tap OK at the top right of the form to return to the main menu.

You can now disconnect the device from the cradle. You can now use the device to collect data.

Quick Sync After Uploads

After uploading asset records, run a Quick Sync to download any asset updates that have been applied to the database.  If you don't run a Quick Sync, you may not see updated asset information, as AssetTrack does not update the local database.  Your asset uploads may be rejected by asset management, which is why we don't automatically apply changes to your local database.

Run a Quick Sync after uploading data to download the latest data, which will include any asset updates that have been approved by your asset manager.

What if Quick Sync doesn't download assets I know I just uploaded?

When you upload asset information, those updates are sent through the AssetTrack Queue.  Each record is analyzed for data integrity.  If any of the uploaded data doesn't match properly, or violates a business rule set up by your asset manager, your record may be hung in the Queue.

Records in the Queue remain there until an asset manager approves the record.  Therefore, if Quick Sync does not download your data, check the Queue or contact your asset manager to verify the records are awaiting approval.

Once approved, Quick Sync will download your new records.

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