Sync plan rebuild never finishes

AssetTrack requires the ability to write files to the AssetTrack web application folder.  If it doesn't have permission, Sync Plan rebuilds will never complete with a persistent "rebuilding..." message.

AssetTrack does this when building database files to be sent to the mobile devices. AssetTrack Server setup attempts to add the correct permissions to this folder but may not have the appropriate permissions to do so. If it fails, you will be unable to download data to your mobile devices as the mobile databases will not be successfully built on the server:

Use the table below to determine the which user account should be granted write permissions to the [AssetTrack Install Directory]\Webservices\Compact Databases directory:

Platform Account to which you must grant write permissions
Windows Server 2008 [YOUR SERVER NAME]\IIS_IUSRS
Windows Server 2003 [YOUR SERVER NAME]\IIS_WPG


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