Verifying your Windows Mobile Device is Connected to the Network

If your mobile device is having problems uploading or downloading data from a cradle, go through the following steps to troubleshoot and isolate your connection problems.    

Using WiFi or cellular networks?

This section does not apply to mobile devices that are using WiFi or cellular networks to connect to AssetTrack Server.

Is your mobile device locked down?

If your device has been locked down by Motorola AppCenter so you can only use AssetTrack, you may not be able to perform this diagnosis.

  1. Verify connectivity between your desktop, or laptop, workstation and the AssetTrack Server.  On the desktop, or laptop, computer that your mobile device is tethered to (not your mobile device), verify that you can a access web resources:

    • Use Internet Explorer to attempt to do a Google search:
    • Use Internet Explorer to attempt to navigate to your AssetTrack Server and log in.

    If either of these fail, then your problem has nothing to do with your mobile device and you should contact your company's network operations personnel to figure out why you're not able to access these web resources from your workstation.
  2. Verify connectivity between your desktop, or laptop, workstation and your mobile device.


    Test your mobile device and workstation connectivity using these two methods:

         •  Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) connection

         •  Windows Explorer

    Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) connection

    a.  Connect your mobile device to the workstation using a USB cradle.

    b.  Verify that Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) shows your device is connected in the lower left side of the WMDC Home screen.

    c.  Click on either Set up your device, the recommended option so that you will sync your mobile device, or, if you don't want to sync your device or you use more than the max number of mobile devices of 2 or 3, click on Connect without setting up your device

    You must click on one of these two options to enable connectivity.



    Window Explorer 

    Open Windows Explorer (click Start -> Computer) and ensure that you can see the mobile device listed.



  3. Now that you have verified network connectivity from your workstation, in step one, you will move to the mobile device and repeat the same steps using Internet Explorer Mobile (IEMobile).


    Open Internet Explorer on your mobile device


    Attempt to do a Google search.


    Verify that you can browse to the AssetTrack Server.

    If you are able to successfully log into AssetTrack from IEMobile,then you are not having a connectivity problem and you can skip the remaining steps.
    If any of these tests fail, it indicates a possible configuration problem on your mobile device and you should continue with the steps below.

  4. On your mobile device, tap Start Menu -> Settings and tap the Connections tab on the bottom of the screen to bring it forward.


  5. Tap the Connections icon and tap the Advanced tab on the bottom of the screen to bring it forward.


  6. Tap the Select Networks button to bring up the Network Management screen.


  7. Ensure that both dropdown boxes are set to My Work Network and tap OK.


  8. Warm boot your device.
  9. Reattempt this step and try to access resources using IEMobile. If your problems persist, please submit a request through the AMI Support Help Desk.
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