"RAPI not enabled" when attempting to install AssetTrack on a mobile device

If you receive the error "RAPI not enabled" when installing AssetTrack Mobile, please follow these steps to enable RAPI on the device:

  1. Download the WM5EnabledRAPI.reg to the desktop to which your device is connected.
  2. Connect and cradle your mobile device.
  3. Open My Computer.
  4. Open Mobile Device, you should see it in the Other section.
  5. Open My Windows Mobile-Based Device.
  6. Copy the WM5EnabledRAPI.reg file into this folder.
  7. When finished, go to the mobile and tap on Start -> Programs -> File Explorer.
  8. In the top left drop down select and tap My Device.
  9. Scroll down till you see the WM5EnabledRAPI.reg file and tap on it.
  10. Tap Yes when it asks you if you want to merge.
  11. Reboot the device.
    See Resetting your mobile device for more information on rebooting your mobile device.
  12. Let the device boot up normally and try to install AssetTrack Mobile again.
    For instructions on how to install AssetTrack Mobile see Installing AssetTrack Mobile (CE).
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