Delete Data in the Assettrack Database

To clear all data from the AssetTrack database without deleting your custom fields, forms, users, groups and security settings, run the following SQL statements directly against the AssetTrack SQL Server Database.  This effectively resets your AssetTrack system, clearing it of all data without eliminating your configuration.

This operation cannot be undone.  You will lose all data that has not been backed up.  Do this at your own risk.

delete assethistory
delete asset
delete PurchaseOrderLineItem
delete PurchaseOrder
delete assignee
delete location
delete costcenter
delete organization
delete sku
delete product
delete manufacturer
delete assettype
delete vendor
delete stockroom
delete WorkspaceTaskData
delete TaskData
delete historicaltaskdata
delete historylogentry
delete SystemLogEntry
delete CustomFieldValue

Resetting the Database back to its default state

To completely reset AssetTrack, including all fields, forms, users, and groups, rerun the AssetTrack installer and select Create Database.  See Installing AssetTrack for more information.


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