Change AssetTrack Security Mode

AssetTrack security

This is the default security setting. AssetTrack security allows you to control access to AssetTrack using AssetTrack's security model. Every user will be required to have their own AssetTrack username and password and they will be required to log in every time they access the server. Use this setting if you do not have a Windows domain or you do not want AssetTrack users to be tied to Windows users.

Windows security

Use Windows security if you want to associate AssetTrack users with users in an Active Directory domain. AssetTrack users will still need to be created, but once associated with a Windows user, users can use their domain credentials to access the server and the mobile. In addition, if these users are logged into their machines using their domain credentials, they will not have to log in separately to AssetTrack Server or the Management Console. Introduction

Switching between security modes should be a rare occurrence, but can be necessary if your requirements change over time. Before switching from one security mode to another, ensure that you have backed up the AssetTrack database.

Switching between modes

    1. Follow the steps to install AssetTrack Server on the server and select the new security mode.
    2. After reinstalling AssetTrack server, perform the following to gain access to the server.
      • If going from AssetTrack security to Windows security, an administrative user will have to be manually associated with an AssetTrack user. Execute the following SQL query on the AssetTrack database:
        • UPDATE SecurityUser SET WindowsLoginId = '[Windows username]' WHERE UserID = '[Id of an AssetTrack User]';
        • The id of the default administrative account is a403d230-4e59-11d9-9669-0800200c9a66.
      • If going from Windows security to AssetTrack security, you will be presented with the AssetTrack login page. All users created while in Windows authentication mode have their passwords defaulted to their username.
    3. Any Console users will have to reset their Console Data.

  1. Any mobile users will also have to repartner their devices.
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