AssetTrack version 4.2 is available for general release and contains a number of new features, enhancements and bug fixes.  Contact AMI support for access to the latest version of AssetTrack.

Creating Assignees and Products in AssetTrack 4

  • Creating Assignees and Products is now supported in the AssetTrack 4 client.
  • A login message can be displayed in the AssetTrack 4 client showing a company specific message to users whey they log in to the client.

Cross-Field Validation

Cross field pattern validation supported in the AssetTrack 4 client.  You can now require certain fields to have specific data based on teh content of another field, such as requiring an Assignee when status is set to "In Use," or that a stockroom is chosen when an asset is "In stock."

Read-Only Fields

Read only fields on AssetTrack 4 forms is now supported when asset grid fields are set to Field Mode: Read Only.

Data Segmentation

AssetTrack now supports filtering access to data based on configurable data rules.  For example, you can now limit access to asset records to a group that are only part of the same cost center, organization or location.  

Matching PO Line Item Products by Part Number

When AssetTrack imports PO line item data from an ERP, it will seek an existing product from the catalog by part control number, vs. requiring the product external ID to be found in an incoming Product file.  This enables having PO data fed to AssetTrack at a different time than product information from a repository such as ServiceNow or HP Asset Manager.

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