New features

  • Importer - Add command timeout switch to debugimport.bat and scheduled task to use to control command timeouts. []
  • AT4 - Add support for assignee creation []
  • AT4 - Add support for product creation []
  • AT4 Client - Added support the server configuration setting, "Security" > "Login page message". []
  • AT4 Client - Symbol support added. See card for relevant deployment information. Compatible with server []
  • AT4 Client - Free text Location search now returns partial matches for Location.Name OR Location.Code. Before, it returned partial matches for Location.Name only. []
  • Form Design / Windows Mobile Client / Web Forms - Custom fields of all types now support default values and can be hidden (capturing "pass-through values during form collection time). []
  • File Import Service - If any Purchase Order Line Item Quantity Received. and Quantity Expected string values cannot be converted to Integers, their records are considered invalid. []
  • Windows Mobile Client - On an Audit form, changed "Unaudited" search button to a checkbox that puts the search form into a mode where the search is limited to unaudited locations. Makes it less likely to trigger an unintended search. []
  • AT4 Client - Form designers can now configure "Wait for missing lookup field values" scan behavior in the AT4 Client []
  • Console - User request to move the "Publish Selected" button to the right of "Export to Excel". Prevent accidental publishing when trying to click the filter buttons. []
  • File Import Service - Added the ability to associate a Product with a Purchase Order Line Item by PartControlNumber instead of ProductExternalId. []
  • Installer - Prompt user to choose if DB update scripts are run during upgrade. []
  • XslHandler - New helper function "replace_string_with_string" now available. See documentation "Publishing Custom Data Files using the XslHandler" for more information []
  • AT4 Client - Line item for on PO form not handling PO number field correctly. []
  • APM Importer - Fix issue with Oracle backed APM importing of custom fields. []
  • AT4 Api - Add configuration setting to change port for client uri partnership. []
  • AT4 - Cross field pattern validator and required for asset status validator []
  • Server - New APM 11/12 handler setting for associating the publishing or collecting user with the changes being pushed to APM. []
  • AT4 Api - Ability to filter lookup results for user groups using a stored query filter []

Bug fixes

  • AT4 Client - Blackberry now runs without side-loading because we made the decision that we won't be in the app store, and we're hoping to address several Blackberry issues, including generally poor performance). []
  • AT4 Client - Configuring client-side, error-level validation prevented upload of collected data due to a server-side bug. Introduced in Fixed with SQL update script in []
  • Windows Mobile Client - View collected data doesn't populate fields with collected data in non-grid fields for non-Audit forms. Broken since []
  • AT4 Client - Fix for TC70 opening camera scanner with form []
  • AT4 Client - Fix for issue with picklists not loading more as your scroll []
  • Windows Mobile Client - Intermittent SQL error during execution of sync plans. Under special configurations of custom fields, a user can get SQL exceptions during the downloading of custom fields stage of running a sync plan. []
  • Server - When a custom field has the same name as a referenced type's table name on asset (e.g. Assignee) the rebuilding of the AssetSummary view will fail due to invalid SQL, and various functionality across the product will not have access to the new field. []
  • Server - Rebuilding the AssetSummary view would fail on SQL 2005 due to use of syntax for SQL 2008 and above. []
  • Importer - PurchaseOrder LineItem analysis would fail if Sku file was not present. []
  • Importer - Continue import when re-index of database fails. []
  • Server / Client - Change date field handling to ignore time zone information. []
  • Client - Change PO line item form to allow editing of custom fields. []
  • AT4 Api - Default to https for client uri partnership, add setting to override. []
  • Console/Server - Overage and Underage PO validator did not run if product was missing. []
  • AT4 Api - Change query for task list to be more perfomant under certain conditions. []
  • Server - APM 12/14 handler creating duplicate locations/users []
  • Form Design - Controls were not available to create/edit picklist values on Purchase Order Line Item custom fields. []


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