Install AssetTrack Database

Download Installer
As a SQL Server Administrator
Working with a DBA
Create the Database

  Download Installer

  • Retrieve the link to your installer, AssetTrackSetup.exe, submitted by your AMI representative (submit a request to AMI Support if you did not receive this)
  • Download the installer on to the server(s) where you plan to install AssetTrack
  • Note: The AssetTrack database can be installed from a remote machine, having TCP/IP access to the SQL Server

  As SQL Server Administrator

Ensure you:

  1. Configured SQL Server for Mixed Mode authentication and enabled remote connections
  2. Have sufficient rights to create a new database, login, and user on the SQL Server

  Working with a DBA

Ensure the DBA:

  1. Configured the SQL Server for Mixed Mode authentication
  2. Enabled remote connections
  3. Created a new empty SQL Server database
  4. Created a new SQL Server login

 Create the Database

  1. Invoke the installer
  2. Read and accept the terms
  3. Select option to Create AssetTrack Database
  4. Specify database settings (see Database Settings)
  5. Specify database credentials (see Database Credentials)
  6. Observe the warning and continue
  7. Select option to finish and return to the main menu


Database Settings


  • Name of the SQL Server computer where the AssetTrack database will be created 
  • For SQL Server 2005 or greater, the machine name will appear automatically in the Server combo box
  • To create the database on another server, specify the server name from the drop-down control (select from the list or enter a new name)

Database name

  • The name of the database to create (we recommend using the default value) or...
  • The name of an existing database to use as the AssetTrack database

Database setup permissions level

  • Select 1st option to create a new database as the DBA
  • Select 2nd option to use an existing database, previously created by a DBA

Database Credentials

  • Administrator's SQL Server login credentials Specify your SQL admin User name and Password to create all database objects for this SQL Server instance
  • For SQL Server authentication, specify the sa user (or similar)
  • For Windows Authentication, specify an administrator (or similar)
  • AssetTrack's SQL Server login credentials The credentials for AssetTrack to connect to the target SQL server. This account will be created if it does not exist.
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