AssetTrack 4.3 ( is now available for install and upgrade.

Key Features:

  • Offline mode - The AssetTrack client can now collect data offline.  Users can "sync" their devices while on the network, then disconnect and collect data while not connected, uploading their collected data at a later time.  Learn more.
  • Loose File Import - The file import service can now be set to ignore bad references in incoming files.  For example, an Asset record referencing a Model that doesn't exist can still import and the Model field will be left null.  Learn more.

New features

  • File Integration System - Add new setting to allow for bad entity references within the import file set to be ignored and set to NULL. 

  • AT4 - Update installer to take APIVDIR parameter.

  • AT4 - Update installer to optionally take USESSL and PORT parameters
  • AT4 Client - Single forms clear when modifying their lookup field.
  • AT4 Client - Bulk form assets have their lookup field set to read only.
  • AT4, Import, Server, CE, Publishing - Added 4 custom entity type tables for data.
  • WinCE - Autocomplete support for Vendor.
  • AT4 Client/API - Initial support for offline.
  • AT4 Client - Client upload history/queue.
  • AT4 Client - Allow direct edit of consumable PO line item quantities.
  • AT4 Client - Keep menu open when no task has been selected.
  • AT4 API/Client - Client now captures date collected and API will use if present.
  • AT4 Client - Option to force client update from settings page.
  • AT4 Client/API - Automatic partnership when loaded in web browser.

Bug fixes

  • APM 12.9 / 14.1 - Auto-publish would not work with old iOS client.
  • AT4 Client - In some scenarios on audit forms, when toggling between showing expected assets, the top dog tag could become hidden.
  • AT4 - Update API installer to check for .net framework 4.5.2.
  • AT4 Client - Keyboard scanner does not close on scan.
  • Import - Change handling of hierarchical types to handle edge cases of moving children.
  • Install - Change authentication settings during Win-auth install.
  • AT4 API - Fix missing POLI line item number in queue for certain PO form use cases.
  • AT4 API - Change server status code response from 503 to 403 when license is invalid.
  • AT4 Client - Correct handling of empty value in picklist value when picklist had a non-empty default.
  • AT4 Client/WP8 - Fix sideloading issues that prevented WP8 from loading client.
  • AT4 Client - PO consumable setting to zero could prevent saving of form.
  • AT4 Client - Location field: the ability to consider Location Code when searching (not scanning) locations was accidentally removed.
  • AT4 Client - Sideload issue with malformed server causes infinite loop.
  • XslHandler - When collecting an asset against a Purchase Order Line Item, and the user enters a Location, Assignee, Organization or Vendor, those values were not available in the XSLT context.
  • Server / Console - Publishing fix for APM 12/14 and location resolution.
  • AT4 Api - Assignee not resolving in queue when assignee code is empty.
  • AT4 Client - Reload data from client queue emptied multi-line fields.
  • AT4 Client - Reload data from client with validation errors broke validate display.
  • AT4 Client install - Fix formatting of atconfig.json on install.
  • AT4 Api - String Pattern with Controlling field validation for the Product field had issues with the AssetType value portion of the name.
  • AT4 Client - Fix to use wait for missing key field setting.
  • AT4 Api - Fix for validation value configuration for asset type on product.
  • AT4 Api - Validation issue for validating reference entities and string patterns.
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