Key Features:

  • URL launching - You can now use a special URL that will launch the AssetTrack app on iOS or Android devices, open a specific form, and populate values in fields on that form.  This is useful for integrating AssetTrack data capture into other system workflows like incident management.  For example, when your techs are closing a ticket in your ITSM system, they could click a link to launch an AssetTrack form with a pre-populated ticket number, to report an update of an asset touched while closing the ticket.
  • Support multiple ServiceNow asset tables - ServiceNow customers can import asset data from multiple asset tables, and can publish back to respective tables.  With one form, a user could capture alm_hardware and alm_facility asset records, and AssetTrack will publish to the correct table based on the Model Category.


New features

  • AT4 Api - Support for direct form linking, with configuration which user agents get the custom protocol.
  • File Import - ServiceNow support for multiple table support for single entity import.
  • ServiceNow Handler / ServiceNow Pre-processor - Support multiple sources for a single file in the pre-processor, Support multiple import set publish destinations.
  • File Import - PO.Vendor can now be resolved by referencing the Name value in the Vendor file. POLI.Product can now be resolved by referencing the Name value in the Product file.
  • AT4 Api/Client - Launch form from an external URL.
  • ServiceNow Handler - Support for publishing data collected through Procurement forms.
  • AT4 Client - Support for applying a capture group regex to mutate the scan value before lookup and field assignment. For example, trimming excess data from Serial Number tags that sometime combine product information before or after Serial Number.
  • Server - Added Assignee.Code, and Assignee2.FirstName, .LastName, and .Code to the PublsihedDataSummary view.
  • AT4 Client - Remove partnership for non-cordova clients (browsers).

Bug fixes

  • AT4 Client - Location field: the ability to consider Location Code when searching (not scanning) locations was accidentally removed (since
  • [BugFix] APM 12.x Import - Import was incorrectly trying to consider AssetTrack's AssetType filter settings when importing Location hierarchies when integrated with APM 12 (an APM-11-only feature) 
  • [BugFix] AT4 Api - Exclude product reference when empty for consumable for legacy console 
  • [BugFix] AT4 Api - Exclude product reference when empty for purchase order line item assets (for legacy console)
  • AT4 Client - Sideload issue with malformed server causes infinite loop.
  • AT4 Api - Validation issue for validating reference entities and string patterns.
  • XslHandler - When collecting an asset against a Purchase Order Line Item, and the user enters a Location, Assignee, Organization or Vendor, those values were not available in the XSLT context. Bug introduced in
  • Server / Console - Publishing fix for APM 12/14 and location resolution.
  • AT4 Api - Assignee not resolving in queue when assignee code is empty.
  • AT4 Client - Reload data from client queue emptied multi-line fields.
  • AT4 Client - Reload data from client with validation errors broke validate display.
  • AT4 Client install - Fix formatting of atconfig.json on install.
  • AT4 Api - Set maxRequestLength to maximum value to avoid silent failure.
  • AT4 Api - String Pattern with Controlling field validation for the Product field had issues with the AssetType value portion of the name (since
  • AT4 Api - Support set missing status for audit form when status field is not a bulk field.
  • FIS - It was not unescaping escaped tab, newline and carriage return characters once imported.
  • FIS - Analysis was performing a case sensitive compare on hierarchical names.
  • FIS - Loose import was not removing orphaned records for hierarchical types.
  • FIS - Hierarchical depth value was only set for new, not for updates.
  • XslHandler/ServiceNowHandler - Removed unnecessary logic in output of related entities on PO Forms. The buggy symptom was POLI.Model had null values when Model was not on the form.
  • AT4 Api - Model data not making it to the queue when not present on poli form.
  • AT4 Client - Saving task did not block second press which could result in duplicate saves in slow environments.
  • AT4 Client - Lock first matching scan field on bulk forms.
  • AT4 Client - Multine textbox not calculating max length correctly.
  • AT4 Client - Validation was interrupting waiting for missing keys.
  • Server / CE - Show all levels of asset types in sync plan filters.
  • AT4 Client - Bulk form always hides top drawer.
  • AT4 Client - Audit form sort dog tags base on last scanned.
  • AT4 Client - Check for null value when match scan keys.
  • AT4 Client - Cannot switch between sibling client instances served from the same sub-domain (desktop-only).
  • AT4 Client - Cannot open bulk form from queue successfully.
  • AT4 Client - Default dates cannot be edited (IE/Firefox) or deleted (Chrome/Mobile).
  • FIS - Make hierarchical external id comparison case insensitive.
  • AT4 Validation - DateTime range validator failed when min and max were the same value.
  • AT4 Api - only bring back custom field when the custom field name matches a field name for another entity.
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