Prepare AssetTrack Application Server


  • Ensure you have administrator rights on the IIS server
  • By default, you do not have administrative user rights if you are not logged in as the built-in administrator
  • Log on, or run apps, as the built-in administrator (run via command: runas /user:administrator

  Install .NET

AssetTrack requires The .NET Framework, 4.5.2 or greater

  1. Install the .NET Framework based on these instructions from Microsoft.

  Install IIS

    1. Select Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Server Manager
    2. Select Add Roles command
    3. Scroll to Roles Summary
    4. Select Add Roles link if the Web Server (IIS) is not a listed a role
    5. Observe the Add Roles Wizard and continue
    6. Select Web Server (IIS) to continue
    7. Specify the following Roles:
      1. All roles
      1. Windows Authentication (select only if using Windows Authentication)
      1. Static
      2. Dynamice
      1. IIS 6 Management Compatibility
      1. Application Development
      2. Security
      3. Performance
      4. Management Tools
    8. Observe confirmation screen and continue
    9. Observe progress screen
    10. Finish the installation

  Install Visual Studio Redistributables

AssetTrack requires the Microsoft, Visual Studio, C++ Runtime redistributables

  1. Download and install the Visual Studio Runtime redistributable
    Run the x86 and x64 versions of this redistributable.

  Install SSL

Optionally, set up Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to ensure secure data transfer between AssetTrack server and all client programs (including mobile devices).

Implement SSL on Assettrack Web Server

Be careful with temporary certificates

Customers often issue temporary SSL certificates from an internal source. This can cause problems connecting with mobile devices. While a desktop web browser may warn you about certificate misconfiguration, many Assettrack, HTTP calls will fail with messages that are difficult to isolate.

To implement SSL:

  • Purchase an SSL certificate from a Certification Authority (CA)
  • Generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) from your web server to be SSL enabled
  • Enroll for an SSL server certificate with the CA
  • Install the SSL server certificate on your web server

Implement SSL On Mobile Devices

For your mobile device to make a secure connection with the web server, ensure that CA issued an SSL certificate, known to your mobile device.  Certificates issued by well-known CAs like Verisign and Thawte are recognized by Windows Mobile out-of-the-box.

To know which CAs are recognized by your mobile devices, select Start Menu -> Settings -> Certificates on your mobile device

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