Install AssetTrack Web API


  Determine Installer Parameters

Determine which parameters to use for installing the Web API

  • APPPOOLNAME: Name of the IIS application pool to be used by the web application
    Default: ATApi. Example: APPPOOLNAME=ATApi
  • VDIR: Name of the virtual directory.
    Default: ATApi. Example: VDIR=ATApi
  • INSTALLDIR: Path for the install files
    Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\AMI\AssetTrack 4\Api
    Example: INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files (x86)\AMI\AssetTrack 4\Api"
    Note: Specify " " around this parameter if a space exists in the path
  • DBUSERID: Specifies the Databases User ID assettrackuser DBUSERID=assettrackuser
  • DBPASSWORD: Password for the Database User ID 
    Default: . Example: DBPASSWORD=
  • DBNAME: Name of the Database
    Default: assettrack. Example: DBNAME=assettrack
  • DBSERVER: Name of the Server
  • Default: localhost. Example: DBSERVER=localhost
  • CLIENTVDIR: The client virtual directory
    Default: ATClient.  Example: CLIENTVDIR=ATClient
  • USESSL: Value for specifying if the host server is using SSL (0 = false , 1 = true)
    Default: 1. Example: USESSL=1
  • PORT: Port value the server is listening on (For the client app)
    Default: -1. Example: PORT=443
  • HOSTNAME: The host name of the server hosting the api and client
    Default: localhost. Example:

  Install the API

Obtain the link to the AssetTrack WebAPI Installer, a Microsoft Installer file named AssetTrackWebApi_x.x.x.x.msi. Submit a request to AMI Support if you have not previously received this link.

This installer must be run on the IIS machine and, the logged-in user must have permissions to install software on the machine.

  1. Open a command line window as Administrator
  2. Navigate to the location of your installer
  3. Run the installer from the command line, specifying the desired parameters from above
    Example: APPPOOLNAME=ATApi VDIR=ATApi INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files (x86)\AMI\AssetTrack 4\Api" DBUSERID=assettrackuser DBPASSWORD= DBNAME=assettrack DBSERVER=localhost CLIENTVDIR=ATClient USESSL=1 PORT=-1
  4. Open the IIS Management Console
  5. Verify the API web app exists, under Sites > Default Web Site
  6. Verify the application pool has been created for the web application, under Application Pools
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