Install Import Service


  Install the Import Service

To Start

  • Install the Import Service on any machine meeting the requirement above
  • Know the SQL server name or IP address for installing
  • Obtain the link to the AssetTrack Import Service, an executable file named ImportService_x.x.xx.msi, matching your AssetTrack version number. Submit a request to AMI Support if you have not previously received this link.  

To Install

  1. Download and run the installer
  2. Observe the Setup Wizard screen, and continue
  3. Specify the path to install the Import Service, and continue
  4. Specify the database information as prompted below, and continue:
    1. SQL Server: Server name or IP address hosting the SQL server
    2. AssetTrack Database name: Name of the AssetTrack database for the Web app to connect to
    3. SQL Server login: SQL Sever login credentials created during the AssetTrack database setup process
    4. Password: The SQL server password
  5. Complete the setup process as prompted

 Test the Import Service

After installing, you can place your file set in C:\Program Files (x86)\AMI\Import Service\DebugImport.bat (or the location you installed the import service to) to test the validity of your file set.

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