Upgrade AssetTrack

 Sync Offline Devices

  1. Ask AssetTrack Mobile users to upload their collected data
  2. Ask above users to refrain from collecting new data during this upgrade
  3. Ask Asset Manager(s) to clear the queue (via Console application), if possible
    If not possible, publish the data in the queue after the upgrade

 Shutdown the Server

  1. Stop all AssetTrack processes on the IIS server
  2. Ensure AssetTrack is shutdown

 Backup Configuration

  1. Perform a "full database" backup of the AssetTrack database on the SQL server
  2. Back up the "AssetTrack Server" folder on the IIS server
    The default location is  C:\Program Files\AMI\AssetTrack Server

 Download the Upgrades

  1. Retrieve the link to your upgrades; AssetTrackSetup.exe, AssetTrackWebApi.msi, AssetTrackWebClient.msi, ImportService.exe, submitted by your AMI representative (submit a request to AMI Support if you did not receive this)
  2. Download the upgrades on to the IIS server machine


 Upgrade AssetTrack

  1. Run the upgrade AssetTrackSetup.exe
  2. Agree to the terms of the licensing agreements, and continue
  3. Select the option to Install AssetTrack Server
  4. Specify the desired database settings, and continue:
    1. Database Server: Name of the database server hosting AssetTrack database
    2. Database Name: Name of the AssetTrack database for the web application to connect to
    3. Username and Password: The SQL Server login credentials for AssetTrack Server to use for its daily work. These were created when setting up AssetTrack Database
  5. Observe the server install dialog
  6. Specify the install and virtual directories, and continue:
    1. Install Directory: Directory where AssetTrack will be installed
    2. Virtual Directory: IIS Virtual Directory where AssetTrack will be installed (we recommend using the default value).
  7. Specify the desired security option, and continue:
    1. AssetTrack Security: (default setting)  Specifying this option, every user will have their own AssetTrack username and password, and will be prompted to login when accessing the server.  Specify this setting if you do not have a Windows domain or you do not want AssetTrack users to be associated to Windows users.
    2. Windows Security: Specifying this option, users will log in using their AD account information.  If this option is selected, the server needs to be on the same domain or a trusted domain as the users.
  8. Agree to run the Database Upgrade scripts.
  9. Select command to finish the installation


 Upgrade AssetTrack Client and API

  1. Open the Control Panel and uninstall the WebApi and WebClient.
  2. If you are upgrading to 4.10+ version, skip to step 5.
  3. Install the WebApi, instructions for installations can be found here.
  4. Install the WebClient, instructions for installations can be found here. The AssetTrack API and client are now installed. You can now move on to the import service installation.
  5. Run the AssetTrack 4 Installer and follow the on screen prompts.

 Upgrade Import Service

  1. Run the upgrade ImportService.exe
  2. Specify the pathway to your current Import Service folder.
  3. Specify the SQL database information.
  4. Confirm the installation.

 Restart the Server

  1. On the IIS server, restart all services that were shutdown before upgrade.
  2. Launch the AssetTrack website to confirm upgrade was successful.  Version number can be found at the top right of the webpage.
  3. Launch the AssetTrack application to confirm that it can connect to the server.
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