Integrate AssetTrack via File Integration System

Integrate AssetTrack with other systems using text files.

Use AssetTrack's File Integration System (FIS) to integrate with any system by publishing text files. 


The high-level, repeatable process for FIS: 

  1. The source repository exports referential data nightly, to a shared location
  2. AssetTrack imports referential data, as scheduled, from the shared location 
  3. AssetTrack data collectors capture asset updates, using smartphones, scanners, RFID readers, spreadsheets, or the AssetTrack upload API
  4. AssetTrack publishes text files to the source system, to a shared location using the AssetTrack XSL Publisher
  5. The source repository imports asset updates, as scheduled, applying the changes to the remote, master database

  Import and Publish

FIS consists of two primary components:

File Importer

FIS imports data from text files on a scheduled basis. This system synchronizes the AssetTrack database with a third party repository, ensuring AssetTrack has the most recent updates from the source system. FIS uses your Windows Scheduled Tasks to automate import.

File Publisher

AssetTrack's XSL Publishing Handler creates custom output files as asset data is collected and published. Publishing using XSLT will create any file type, for any system to import. Use developers capable of creating XSLT templates to transform data published by AssetTrack. AMI can assist.

  How To Use

Learn how to use FIS:


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