Integrate AssetTrack with CA APM and Service Desk


AssetTrack Streamlines CA IT Asset Manager and Service Desk

Integrate AssetTrack with CA IT Asset Manager and CA Service Desk to keep accurate asset data:

  • Capture assets using barcode/RFID technologies
  • Design processes
  • Tag assets
  • Train users
  • Develop reports

CA customers use AssetTrack to:

  • Capture and track assets
  • Automate receiving of assets
  • Audit asset inventory
  • Manage your data center

  CA Certified

AssetTrack™ is CA smart certified and integrates with CA system clients. 


AssetTrack contains its own SQL Server and Web Server, communicating with CA products via SQL and Web Services.   

⚠ Although the various components are separated in the diagram, they do not require their own physical hardware. If the communication routes are supported, the entire system can be installed on one or multiple servers. The only constraint is, the UAPM Components and CA Web Service must be installed for AssetTrack to publish to APM.

  Unicenter Components

AssetTrack Import Service
A Windows Scheduled Task that imports data to the AssetTrack database from the Unicenter Database (MDB) on scheduled basis. It writes no data to the MDB.

AssetTrack Database
The AssetTrack database is a SQL Server database that backs all of AssetTrack. This can be installed on any machine that has TCP/IP access to AssetTrack Server and Import Service.

AssetTrack Server
AssetTrack Server is an ASP.NET web application providing:

  • A web user interface for administering AssetTrack
  • Brokers all communication with mobile devices and AssetTrack Console
  • Is the launching host for the AssetTrack Console application, to "scrub" incoming data

AssetTrack Mobile
AssetTrack Mobile runs on a Windows Mobile device and is used to collect data in the field. Mobile devices connect to AssetTrack Server through web services to upload/download data, upgrade their components, and more.

AssetTrack Console
AssetTrack Console is a Windows application that is used by managers to review and scrub incoming data before publishing to APM. This must have HTTP access to AssetTrack Server.

AMI Integration Web Service (Deprecated)
This component is deprecated and included only for backward-compatibility.
This is an ASP.NET web service application living on the same physical machine as APM. It receives published data from AssetTrack and interacts with the Connect API to write the data to APM.

  How To Use

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