AssetTrack is now available for install and upgrade. 

Key Features:

  • Support for all AssetTrack v3 Form Configuration - All form configurations supported in AssetTrack 3 are now supported in the AssetTrack 4 client.
    • Validation - AssetTrack 4 client now supports all validators we had with AssetTrack 3, including string length, value changed, required for new assets, required on field choices. 
    • Scan Prefixes and Patterns - AssetTrack 4 client now supports scan prefixes and patterns, so that scanned data can be routed to the correct field automatically.
  • Read only fields - Place read-only fields on forms to display information to users that can't be changed.
  • Audit by Assignees and Organizations - Create audit forms that look up assets by Assignee or Organization.
  • Template Scanning - Scan an asset to lookup values to populate a bulk form fields.  For example, enter a stockroom and scan an existing asset to lookup the stockroom location, as opposed to searching for the stockroom manually.  Great for Swap use cases.

Server Installers:

Mobile Installers:

New features

  • AT4 - Readonly field property for fields in form designer and AT4 forms 
  • AT4 - Hidden field property to fields in form designer and AT4 forms
  • AT4 - Can now audit by assignee, assignee2, organization and organization2 fields
  • AT4 - Added support for String length validator
  • AT4 - Added support for Value changed validator
  • AT4 - Added support for Required for new assets validator
  • AT4 - Added support for Scan prefix and patterns
  • AT4 - Added support for New Asset validator in client
  • AT4 - Added support for Required on field choices and other field empty validator
  • AT4 - Added legacy call to api to clear cache (API Path option must be set in server settings)
  • AT4 - Keep device awake during sync
  • AT4 - Added template scan for bulk fields on bulk forms
  • Integration - APM 12 and up can switch filter between portfolio status and service status

Bug fixes - (2 hotfixes)

  • AT4 - Date default value was not working (
  • AT4 - Fix default value when undefined (
  • AT4 - Fixed stack overflow in validation script
  • AT4 - Rendering of attachments on mobile client applications
  • AT4 - Fixed some fields being editable in dog tags that should be read only
  • AT4 - Fixed clearing of single form when scanned key is edited
  • AT4 - Integer fields now only accept integers
  • AT4 - Fixed being able to lookup within dog tags on Audit, PO, and POLI forms
  • AT4 - Form permissions on client now respect security groups again
  • AT4 - Multi-line fields no longer behave oddly under specific circumstances
  • AT4 - AT Handler can now publish organization2 field
  • Installer - Since 4.4, SQL errors were occurring when attempting to create existing database
  • *Web client update - Fixes a bug that was cloning new asset information across all dog tags
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