Verify Network Requirements

AssetTrack uses HTTP/S for almost all communications and handles typical enterprise scenarios for proxy servers, firewalls, and DMZs.

  Network Configurations

For AssetTrack

  • AssetTrack Server is a web application running on a Microsoft stack: ASP.NET, IIS, SQL Server, Windows Server
  • AssetTrack consists of two servers: IIS server and the SQL Server
  • AssetTrack servers can reside on different or the same machine (see Verify Server Requirements)
  • From a networking perspective the web application simply queries the SQL Server


For CA Integrations

AssetTrack communicates with the network, as shown below, when integrated with CA APM/Service Desk/Asset Manager. 

For File and HP Integrations

AssetTrack integrates with HP Asset Center/Asset Manager (see Supported Versions) and communicates with the network as shown below.

 Mobile Devices

Mobile devices running the AssetTrack application communicate with the AssetTrack Server over HTTP/S, via Wireless or USB.

ℹ Common network-related problems
We receive common support incidences "My mobile device won't connect to AssetTrack Server." The usual suspects are proxy servers, firewalls, bad SSL certificates, unreliable VPN connections, and general slow connectivity. Ensure your mobile devices have robust connectivity by testing device connections as early as possible.

Connect via USB

  • AssetTrack Mobile devices can communicate to a workstation via a USB connection
  • Mobile devices usually come with a cradle that doubles as a charger and a USB connection
  • When a Windows Mobile or Windows CE device connects to a Windows workstation via USB, its connection to the workstation is managed by the Microsoft component, Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC). WMDB must be installed on the workstation computer for the mobile device to communicate to the AssetTrack Server.

Connect Wirelessly

Devices running AssetTrack Mobile may or may not come with wireless radios. Wireless-capable mobile devices can connect directly to AssetTrack Server if the network configuration permits - they do not need a workstation.

  Desktop and Web Access

AssetTrack Desktop

  • AssetTrack administrators, managers, and admins often customize AssetTrack for their business needs and to review collected data by running AssetTrack Console Windows desktop application.
  • This application uses Microsoft ClickOnce technology to deploy itself from the AssetTrack Server over HTTP/S onto the client workstation.
  • Thus, AssetTrack Console is signed with an Authenticode certificate, where deployment and installation do not cause permissions or antivirus issues on the client workstation

ℹ Proxy servers may interfere with ClickOnce
Although AssetTrack Console (including its ClickOnce deployment) use HTTP/S exclusively, some proxy servers and firewalls can interfere with communications. One common reason, the ClickOnce deployment sends an XML file with a .manifest extension which is sometimes unrecognized/unauthorized by firewall configuration. The simplest way to validate network configuration is to to launch and use AssetTrack Console.

AssetTrack Web

AssetTrack Server exposes a web application that administrators and data collectors can use. This requires standard web browser HTTP/S access.

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