AssetTrack for ServiceNow Fields

Native alm_hardware fields updated by default AssetTrack configuration

asset_tag location
assigned_to model
checked_out model_category
comments po_number
cost serial_number
cost_center stockroom
department substatus
due vendor
gl_account warranty_expiration


Fields added to alm_hardware with AssetTrack

Field Name Label Purpose
x_amiam_assettrack_assettrack_updated_by_form AssetTrack updated by form

AssetTrack form that last updated this hardware record.

(Present only with Form Designer update sets)

x_amiam_assettrack_audit_date AssetTrack last audit date When this hardware record was last audited with AssetTrack
x_amiam_assettrack_audit_state AssetTrack last audit state The state of the hardware record from the result of the last AssetTrack audit. (Found, New, Not Found, or Unexpected)
x_amiam_assettrack_form AssetTrack updated form

AssetTrack form that last updated this hardware record.

(Only updated without Form Designer update sets)

x_amiam_assettrack_updated AssetTrack updated The last time AssetTrack updated this hardware record
x_amiam_assettrack_updated_by AssetTrack updated by The user that last used AssetTrack to update this hardware record
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