Do We Need Database Support?

If you see database errors in the system log (ie. import errors, publishing errors) and the elmah application error log, you may need assistance from your DBA.

Is the SQL Server accessible on the network?

If connection errors exist in the logs, try to log into the SQL server using SQL Management Studio using the application login from your AssetTrack Configuration Worksheet. If you are able to log in, the SQL Server is running.

Is there a SQL permissions issue?

If permissions errors are in the log, contact your DBA to determine if any SQL login information has changed.

Is the database out of date?

During an upgrade of AssetTrack Server, database scripts are often included as part of the upgrade.  If you chose to install without applying database upgrade scripts, or if a database upgrade script failed, your database may be out of date.

Follow these instructions for applying database update scripts.



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