Is the AMI Gateway Consuming Published AssetTrack Files Correctly?

AssetTrack publishes XML files to the output directory specified in your AssetTrack Configuration Worksheet.

The AMI Gateway is an engine written by the customer that imports these XML files and updates HP Asset Manager.

To verify if the Gateway is importing records successfully:

  1. Capture one or more Assets with an AssetTrack form
  2. Upload the records to the AssetTrack Server
  3. Publish the records from the Queue
  4. Verify an XML file was created in the output folder
  5. Verify the Gateway retrieves the files within the specified timeframe
  6. Verify the asset records collected are updated in HP Asset Manager

If AssetTrack publishes the XML files to the correct output folder with the correct information, but HP isn't updated accordingly, the problem is with the Gateway. Contact the HP Gateway administrator to debug the issue.

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