Is HPAM Producing AssetTrack Import Files Correctly?

AssetTrack imports data from HP Asset Manager using files. The AssetTrack import service consumes delimited files produced from HP Asset Manager by Connect-IT scenarios.

The process for importing data from an HP Repository to AssetTrack is:

  1. Connect-IT exports HPAM data to a set of files
  2. The files are copied to the AssetTrack incoming directory.  See your AssetTrack Configuration Worksheet.
  3. The files are then imported into AssetTrack when the import task is ran. 


If step 2 is failing, then you need to contact your Connect-IT manager and look over the Connect-IT scripts that are creating the Import Files for AssetTrack.

If step 3 is failing, then you need to navigate to your Import Service folder and go to the Errors folder to look up the most recent Error Message file created by the importer.

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