Create a Support Ticket

If you are unable to solve your technical issue using documentation, you may create a ticket with AMI Support.

Before creating a ticket

Before creating a ticket, collect the following information which will help AMI resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

  1. Server address
  2. AssetTrack software version
  3. Servicenow version
  4. Exact repro steps

Provide steps to reproduce the error

With proper repro steps, AMI support will be able to quickly reproduce the problem and provide a solution.

Example repro steps

  1. Login as a data collector
  2. Open the Move form
  3. Scan asset tag A100009
  4. Select the model field

Results: A error code 500 is shown:

Error Message: "The Server responded with Error code 500. Please contact support."

Expected: The model drop down list is displayed allowing the user to select a model

Creating a ticket

Once the above information is collected, visit and select "Submit a request. You may also email to create the incident. Provide the above information in the ticket request.


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