Use Fixed RFID Readers with AssetTrack for ServiceNow

Support for Fixed RFID readers is added to AssetTrack for ServiceNow in the update set. With this update, you can connect fixed Impinj xSpan RAIN RFID readers to automatically update assets in ServiceNow.

Supported Readers

  • Currently only Impinj Xspan readers are supported
  • Other RFID readers can be added with minimal development effort by AMI

RFID Endpoint

The update set adds an endpoint to which your fixed RFID must post web requests when tags are read. This end point will take the tag and reader information and update the corresponding Asset table in ServiceNow.

  • https://<SNinstance>/api/x_amiam_assettrack/atapi/FixedReader/Read/<ReaderType>
  • Reader type indicates to the application how to parse the payload - only Impinj is currently supported (e.g. .../atapi/FixedReader/Read/impinj)

Reader Names

  • Each reader must supply a unique reader name. This reader name is what is used to identify the reader in the AMI Reader Form Map table.
  • Reader names are set as part of the reader configuration process.

AMI Reader Form Map Table

The update set adds a table to your ServiceNow instance which maps each RFID reader to an AssetTrack form.

  • This table is contains one record for each RFID reader.
  • Each record references a single AssetTrack form to which data should be processed.
  • Each record also includes the static data used to populate the forms and set against the assets belonging to the tags that are read.  For example, a reader is configured to send a Location sysId to the form to move scanned assets to a known ServiceNow location. See *Form Values Sample below.

Form Creation

  • Create as a bulk form using the form manager.
  • Once created, in the forms table set the "Is Headless" value to true - this will prevent the form from being available in the AssetTrack forms list in the standard UI.
  • In the "AMI RFID Reader Form Map" table add a record for the reader
    • Supply the reader name
    • Supply the values to populate the form in "Form Values" as JSON*
    • Copy the sys_id of the bulk form you intend to use with the fixed reader from the Forms table
    • Put the form’s sys_id in the "Form" field of the Ami Reader Form Map table

*Form Values Sample








--References are JSON object specifying an “_id” property (which is an array for hierarchical types) as in the “location” in the above JSON.

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