AssetTrack for ServiceNow - July 2018

AssetTrack for ServiceNow version 2.0.9 is available for download. Read all instructions prior to applying the update from your ServiceNow instance.

Get Latest Update Sets

If you have already installed AssetTrack for ServiceNow, and applied any AssetTrack update sets, you must apply the latest update sets after upgrading AssetTrack from System Applications.

Download AssetTrack for ServiceNow Update Sets

Upgrade Instructions

Once you have downloaded the update sets, follow instructions precisely to upgrade your instance of AssetTrack for Servicenow.

Release Notes

New Features

  • Updated AssetTrack user interface with improved usability. 
  • Auto recovery of form data. Recover data from a form after closing and reopening the client. Enables users to save progress on task and resume it later.
  • Optimized offline model to support high volume data.
  • Role-based permissions to forms.
  • Added support for Impinj Xspan Fixed RFID readers.
  • Added database-lookup validator added to enable duplicate checking. Check if a field's value exists on other entities in the database for asset_tag and serial_number (by default).
  • Added ability in lookup controls (location, organization) to show display value instead of sysid for referenced fields.


  • Fixed issue with 5 hour time difference between AssetTrack Updated and ServiceNow Updated date fields
  • Fixed issue with certain date fields showing as a day off due to timezone issues
  • Fixed Issue with dates being mangled when user profile format is different from the system is a ServiceNow bug fixed in Jakarta
  • Fixed issue with the screen getting displaced under certain conditions on some iOS devices.
  • Fixed issue with Firefox showing native number controls on POLI quantity control.
  • Fixed issue on certain Android keyboards where the text input while in suggestion mode was not updating the input field properly.
  • Fixed issue with long validation messages pushing fields out of bounds making them unusable.
  • Fixed issue with positioning of validation info icons and popup messages sometimes making them unreadable.


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