Debug AssetTrack Procurement Forms

AssetTrack procurement forms are special.

Data uploaded from an AssetTrack Procurement Form is sent to ServiceNow's receiving script includes. These includes do the work to create receipts and assets.

That's why Procurement Form data doesn't show up in AMI Hardware Import Set table. It goes through a different path.

Confirm what happens when you receive using the ServiceNow interface

If you experience and issue with AssetTrack PO receiving, first test ServiceNow receiving on its own, without AssetTrack.

We use the same scripts the ServiceNow UI does. AssetTrack doesn't modify change those script includes, so we should receive the exact same way.   

Fix the script includes

If the ServiceNow receiving has the same problem, you need to fix the script includes.

If AssetTrack works differently, then contact or open a support ticket for help.

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