Compare AssetTrack vs. ServiceNow's Built-in Barcode Support

Updated: April 30, 2018

ServiceNow Madrid shipped with a new Mobile Studio that supports code-less development of native apps for iOS and Android. It includes offline support.

It's cool, but it's limited in what it can do. It is not a platform that enables rapid asset tracking to ServiceNow users.

This article compares AssetTrack for ServiceNow vs. the capabilities of ServiceNow Mobile Studio.

ServiceNow's barcode support is basic. Your ServiceNow developers can use this control to build simple barcode applications in ServiceNow. Form fields can be populated from a barcode scan using a device camera. It takes five taps to scan an asset.

There is no specific asset tracking barcode support out-of-box. You must write code to handle the asset-specific scans and do the asset tracking operations such as Receiving, Check-In/Out, Retire. There are no built-in audit capabilities, and no easy means to support bulk operations in ServiceNow. This further complicates custom development.

Third party scanning hardware not supported by Madrid. Scanning with a camera is great in ideal conditions and very low volume scanning. Receiving, inventories, audits and other bulk operations require a laser or imager hardware for much faster scanning. Madrid native apps support only camera scanning. No third party hardware is supported. 

AssetTrack provides out-of-box asset lifecycle tracking with no development. It is guaranteed to support future versions of ServiceNow, and includes technical support.

Use the table below to understand the value of adding AssetTrack to ServiceNow vs. creating and supporting your own ServiceNow custom barcode application. 


Out-of-box ServiceNow 

With AssetTrack for ServiceNow Why do I care?
Scan a barcode tag to populate a form field Included Included Save time an eliminate errors capturing a text value
Scan an asset to look up asset information  Included Included Don't update the wrong asset
Pattern match custom barcodes Not Supported Included Support barcodes created by third party manufacturers and logistics companies through smart pattern recognition.
Scan many assets to create or update them all at once Included Included ServiceNow added multi-scan in Orlando, which enables multiple barcodes to be read in sequence. This is only implemented for PO-based receiving and does not support advanced pattern recognition, manufacturer serial number correction and other efficiency features of AssetTrack.
Audit a location or stockroom to identify missing assets and correct location errors. Requires development Included Know what's missing before it's too late. Have confidence in the accuracy of asset data.
SSO Support for mobile application Included Included Use whatever SSO provider you have connected to ServiceNow.
Scan using a browser Not supported Included Use AssetTrack barcode & RFID data capture forms on any device with an HTML5 browser, including tablets, laptops and mobile devices.
Offline data capture Included Included Capture asset updates with devices while not connected to the network, in secure or inaccessible environments.
Configure and change lifecycle processes with a simple UI N/A Included Customize and enforce your process to ensure data is captured correctly for your organization without hiring a ServiceNow developer to build and maintain it.
Handheld RFID data capture N/A Included ServiceNow does not support third-party scanning SDKs. Only scanning with cameras, which isn't practical for high volume use cases like receiving, warehouse and data centers. Implement RFID devices to dramatically increase the speed and accuracy of data captured in the field.
Support for rugged integrated scanning hardware from popular manufacturers like Zebra N/A Included ServiceNow does not support third-party scanning SDKs.  Only scanning with cameras. Choose the scanning hardware that is right for your use cases and environment. You're not limited to just scanning assets via your camera scanner, which limits the value you get from an asset tracking application.
Report on asset accuracy by location Requires development Included Know which locations and groups are tracking assets well and which need training.
Fixed position RFID support N/A Included Automatically track assets moving through the environment, to improve accuracy and reduce labor.
Receive assets against purchase orders Requires development Included Know immediately when a shipment doesn't match an order. Only pay invoices for assets that are received. Link every asset to the PO used to procure it for proper three way match, warranty/maintenance tracking.
Validate scanned data prior to writing to the database Requires development Included Stop database corruption before it starts. Trap invalid data and give asset management the tools to normalize and clean data to keep your reports usable.
Catch new referential data added in the field to prevent database duplication and corruption. Requires development Included Allow data collectors to create control table values w/o concern for corrupting your database.
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