Form Designer Basics

The AssetTrack form designer allows you to create and edit the forms found in your AssetTrack application.  The form designer can be found under AssetTrack > Manage Forms. 

Note: The form designer will not function in IE.  Chrome or Firefox is required.



Form Designer

The main menu displays the current forms that exist in your AssetTrack system.  From here you have the ability to:

  • Create a new form
  • Edit an existing form
  • Deactivate a form
  • Delete a form
  • Reorder the forms



Create a New Form

At the top of the form designer you can create a new form.  You will select a Form type and Entity type.  The form types available are as follows, links to the "How To Create" documents:

The Entity type will be Asset.  Unless there were special configurations made to your AssetTrack application to handle different Entity's other than assets.



Edit an Existing Form

From the existing form list on the main screen of the form designer you can select to edit a form.  You can edit the form name, the fields, and validations on the forms.  For more information on manipulating the forms please see the links in the "Create a New Form" section for which form type you are trying to edit.


Deactivate a Form

If you want to hide a form from the AssetTrack application you an deactivate the form.  This can be useful if you want to keep one of the Out of Box form, but not necessarily use it until you can finalize your processes.  Once ready, you can edit the form as needed then reactivate it when ready to be used.


Delete a Form

You can delete a form using the form designer.  When you delete a form this will delete all record of it from ServiceNow.


Reorder the Forms

You can reorder the forms and change how they show up in the AssetTrack application.  By dragging and dropping the hamburger icon on each form.  Then click save order form at the top of the page.





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