AssetTrack for ServiceNow 2.0.10 - January 2019

AssetTrack for ServiceNow version 2.0.10 is available for download. Read all instructions prior to applying the update from your ServiceNow instance.

Get Latest Update Sets

If you have already installed AssetTrack for ServiceNow, and applied any AssetTrack update sets, you must apply the latest update sets after upgrading AssetTrack from System Applications.

Download AssetTrack for ServiceNow Update Sets 2.0.10

Upgrade Instructions

Once you have downloaded the update sets, follow instructions precisely to upgrade your instance of AssetTrack for Servicenow.

Release Notes

New Features

  • Client files for secure client apps are signed for integrity verification
  • Added option to disallow jailbroken clients from connecting (custom security clients only currently)
  • Added "Duplicate" option to forms on the form designer form list []
  • Added ability to set global (across all forms) scan capture via global.defaults configuration in AMI app data
  • Admin Module - Added Entity Field Value validator that can validate asset fields not on the form (error shows on first scan key field)
  • Procurement Module - Option to allow addition of any asset field to POLI form
  • Procurement Module - Can now update asset values when receiving
  • Procurement Module - Updated procurement save to save various mixed pre-allocated and blind receives
  • Procurement Module - Assets received through PO forms now update AssetTrack form, user, and updated date fields in asset table


  • Fix lookup resolution to resolve custom table assets correctly
  • Admin Module - Added '@switch' option to headless task data to match and replace a given field value with a different field value
  • Core Module - Fix issue with track_as_consumable flag not being read correctly


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