- Maintenance Release

Hotfixes: - Added support for multiple source columns merged into one in ServiceNow Preprocessor - Fixed issue with ServiceNowAppTaskHandler publishing null values to ServiceNow - now publishes empty strings. - Importer - Allow duplicate null or empty asset tag values in UapmImporter - Client - Fetch polyfill for IE (Fixes issue with IE not loading) - Client - Fix issue where non-hierarchical entity lookup would except when there was no query object of that type (ServiceNow)

AssetTrack Server version 4.11 is available for download. Read all instructions prior to applying the update to your AssetTrack instance.

**SQL Server and Windows Server 2008 are no longer supported**

Get Latest Installer

Contact support@amitracks.com to obtain links to the latest installers.

Upgrade Instructions

Follow all instructions in Upgrade AssetTrack. Microsoft.NET 4.6.2+ is now required.

Release Notes

New Features

  • New option under 'Mobile Device Settings' in legacy "Allow jail broken device to connect."  When this is not set, connection information won't be provided to client on Connect call and client will alert user.
  • AT4 Mobile - AMI can now custom build client applications to whitelist servers for connection.
  • AT4 - Date fields can be scanned into with any standard date format scanner.
  • AT4 with ServiceNow - Added support for a "ignoreUnique" flag on key fields to allow scanning duplicate values into them.
  • AT4 - Allowed scanned field to be cleared on single forms (clears all fields).
  • Legacy Console - Added "Consumable" column to PO form queue to indicate which POLI are consumable.
  • Legacy Console - Added "Disallow switching from asset to consumable line item" flag to PO form settings to prevent changing serialized assets into consumable.
  • CA SD Publisher - Can write collecting and/or publishing user to custom fields in ServiceDesk. Specified in ServiceDesk publishing settings.
  • AT4 - Added TC20 DataWedge scanning support.
  • AT4 - Legacy Console - Added new "Allow changes to not found assets" option to audit forms, when enabled missing assets always go through the queue, even when "Set status of missing assets to" is not set.
  • AT4 - Publishing - Added audit state in publishing. Values are "rogue", "expectedFound", "expectedNotFound", and "unexpectedFound".
  • AT4 - Legacy Console - Added audit state column to audit task queue. Possible states are "New", "Found", "Not Found", and "Unexpected".


  • Importer - Bad error handling when duplicates existed in import data which threw another unhelpful error updated to work more correctly.
  • AT4 - Fixed issue where single form scan box wouldn't allow duplicate scans to reset fields.
  • AT4 - Fixed issue where bulk fields what were not visible would show their current value on dog tags.
  • AT4 - Fixed close form confirmation not appearing when on the POLI page of PO forms for certain browsers.
  • AT4 - Fixed issue with the upload button not hiding when all assets are removed from bulk forms.
  • AT4 - Fixed issue where form close confirmation would not trigger when the form was changed but not up-loadable. (e.g. bulk forms before scanning assets)
  • Legacy Console - Fixed issue where serialized assets could be added to a consumable line item.
  • Importer - Fixed issue with hierarchical id paths not building correctly when deactivations are turned off and performing a partial import.
  • CA Importer - Fixed issue with location code causing an error when mapped for ServiceDesk.
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