AssetTrack does not update ServiceNow Hardware Assets as expected

Improper configuration or business rules can prevent AssetTrack from updating Hardware Assets as expected.

If you upload Hardware Asset data from AssetTrack to ServiceNow, but your changes don't seem to take effect in ServiceNow, follow these steps to investigate where the problem exists.

  1. Check the AMI Hardware Import Set table and ensure the records were uploaded. From the ServiceNow menu, type x_amiam_assettrack_ami_hardware_import_set.list and press return to view the AssetTrack import set records. Verify that your record exists in this table first.

  2. If it is, check the "Error" column of the import set record to see if an error message exists.

  3. If no error exists, open the Import Set record and select View Transform History.

  4. Check the Insert, Updated, Ignored, Skipped count columns to determine if the changes were skipped or ignored. If the asset is new, Insert should be 1.  If it exists, Updated should be 1. 

  5. Navigate into a Transform History record, and select Import Row Errors and see if errors exist there. Capture any error information you see here.

If you see no error messages anywhere, it's possible a business rule is executing after AssetTrack makes an update that is undoing or changing the record. In most cases, you will find the reason for the update failure in the Import Set Row Errors log to determine what caused the issue.

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