Data Policy - Date range validation

Data Policy – Date range validation

First, you’ll need to add the field to the form you’re editing in the Fields/Layout tab and in this case the grid field because you will not be editing this value.


To add the field simply click on the field you’re trying to add from the Field List and drag that option to the corresponding field.


After adding the correct field go to the Data Policy tab and click Add to create a new rule.


Choose the Field and Rule to add. In this case Warranty End being the field that we want to warn us and Date range being the rule.


From here now you can customize that rule in the bottom box labeled Rule properties which you can to by simply clicking on row you just created.


Rule Properties:


Listed below is a description of each General row:

Three choices are available for Level (Message, Warning or Error) and for this case we are going to use Warning.






For Rule Settings use the Syntax below for date to determine if a Message, Warning or Error will appear for any value not listed within the Maximum Value and Minimum Value. In this case if the value does not fall between a certain date it will trigger this message.


 Once all adjustments are completed make sure to save your form.

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