AssetTrack for ServiceNow - August 2019

AssetTrack for ServiceNow version 2.0.12 is available for download. Read all instructions prior to applying the update from your ServiceNow instance.

Get Latest Update Sets

If you have already installed AssetTrack for ServiceNow, and applied any AssetTrack update sets, you must apply the latest update sets after upgrading AssetTrack from System Applications.

Download AssetTrack for ServiceNow Update Sets

Upgrade Instructions

Once you have downloaded the update sets, follow instructions precisely to upgrade your instance of AssetTrack for Servicenow.

ServiceNow 2.0.12 (2.0.101)

  • New AssetTrack Client 
  • Removed minimum restriction for Fixed Hex Length on properties page to support negative values for reading from end of RFID tags
  • Added return value (of the task data sys_id) to task save so it gets added to the upload history in the Queue section of the client app
  • Added error handling to offline sync data that has been truncated due to transaction quota rules
  • Added better handling of bad license data on the license admin page

Update Sets

  • Admin Module - Updated out of box form and entity configuration
  • Admin Module - Added "Value Equals Other Field" validator to allow comparing two field values 
  • Admin Module - Added ability to specify a validator script in the ami_validators table so custom validators can be more easily added. 
  • Admin Module - Added "Value Changed" validator settings so it can be configured in the form designer. 
  • Admin Module - Updated Entity Field Value validator to have a flag (Changed From) to specify that the string pattern should be run against the database value for the field. 
  • Admin Module - Added choice dependency configuration to automatically filter dependent field choices based on sys_choice entries.
  • Admin Module - Fixed admin upgrade pipeline not running through all schemata versions and ending before the last number 
  • Core Module - Fixed sync.config not being included in transfer config 
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