AssetTrack for ServiceNow - August 2019

AssetTrack for ServiceNow version 2.0.12 is available for download. 

Before You Upgrade

Get Latest Update Sets

You must apply the latest update sets after upgrading AssetTrack from System Applications. Before you upgrade from the store, Download AssetTrack for ServiceNow Update Sets and have them ready.

Follow the Upgrade Instructions

Once you have downloaded the update sets, follow instructions precisely to upgrade your instance of AssetTrack for Servicenow.

What's New in AssetTrack for ServiceNow 2.0.12 (2.0.101)

New Features and Enhancements

  • Use any RFID scanner you want - Any RFID bluetooth or USB device that works like a keyboard (HID mode) now works with AssetTrack. You can now pair virtually any device you want and scan RFID tags into AssetTrack, including into your browser on your laptop. Heads Up! - You will now need to choose the scanner you want to use. See this article on how to do that.
  • Read RFID tags padded in the front or back - When reading RFID tags literally, where you don't decode the RFID value into ASCII, you can now read from the front or the back of the tag.  Enter a negative value in the "Number of hex characters to parse for RFID tag" setting to read that number of characters from the end of the RFID tag value.
  • View upload history on your device - Your uploads are displayed in the Queue on the device even in online mode now. This used to only show forms saved offline. 
  • Better errors when exceeding download limits - When syncing your device for offline use, an error message is displayed when downloaded data is truncated due to transaction quota rules in ServiceNow.
  • Better handling of bad license data on the license admin page - If you have an invalid AssetTrack license on your ServiceNow instance, as happens when you clone an instance over another, the license management page how displays a helpful error message that you need a new license.
  • Updated out of box forms and fields - We've cleaned up the default form names and state/substate validation rules to support current ServiceNow standards.
  • Reading State and Substate from sys_dictionary - You don't have to configure your State and Substate choices using the form designer anymore.  AssetTrack reads them from sys_dictionary.
  • Filter SubState based on State - Now AssetTrack forms will display only substates that are valid for a selected State. You used to have to use validation to ensure users chose valid substates for a selected state. This actually works with any sys_choice field, but is of particular use for State and SubState.
  • Added "Value Equals Other Field" validator to allow comparing two field values. This is handy for certain custom use cases.
  • Added ability to specify a validator script in the ami_validators table so custom validators can be more easily added. 
  • Added "Value Changed" validator settings so it can be configured in the form designer. 
  • Validate fields based on the current database value, not the form field value - For example, you can now run a rule that stops and asset from being deployed if its current state is "Retired." You could do this before, but if the user changed the state on the form the validator would no longer fire.


  • Fixed admin upgrade pipeline not running through all schemata versions and ending before the last number
  • Fixed sync.config not being included in transfer config. Your offline sync settings wouldn't travel when you transferred configuration from one instance to another. 
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