Understanding the AssetTrack License

AssetTrack for ServiceNow requires a license key provided by AMI to operate. The license key is an encrypted string that contains a few key elements including:

  • Expiration date: The date when AssetTrack for ServiceNow will no longer run.
  • Asset count: The maximum number of assets that can be tracked using AssetTrack for ServiceNow.
  • Compliance query: The query AssetTrack uses to count the number of Assets that can be tracked by AssetTrack for ServiceNow. This query can be customized to filter out asset records you do not intend to track with AssetTrack for ServiceNow.

The Compliance Query

Every night AssetTrack for ServiceNow runs the compliance query in your license key. If the number of records returned exceeds the Asset count in your license query, your instance is marked out of compliance. A grace period starts at that time. If your asset count does not come down below the asset count by the end of the grace period, your AssetTrack for ServiceNow instance is disabled.  

By default, AssetTrack license counts the amount of assets you have in your Hardware (alm_hardware) table. We filter out any assets with a State of "On Order, Retired, and Consumed."  The precise query is:



The License Management Page

You apply your license can see information about your license on the License Management page.  In the image below you will find the key information about your AssetTrack license.

  • Machine Key ID
  • License
  • Compliance Information
  • Expiration Date
  • Asset Count (Based on License purchased)
  • User Count (Based on License purchased)


Out of Compliance Message

If your license page is showing that AssetTrack is out of compliance, then you will see the error on this page along with the number of assets that AssetTrack is seeing over the limit.  If you are out of compliance, AssetTrack will start a 60 day grace period to allow you to get back to your asset limit.  


Updating the Compliance Query

The compliance query can be updated to help represent the assets you are tracking with AssetTrack for ServiceNow and your Hardware table. For example, if you only need to track certain model categories, you can add those categories to the compliance query.

To update your query, create a query and send it to AMI. Navigate to your alm_hardware table and open the filter query.   From here you can start to build a filter that shows what you are tracking.

EXAMPLE:  Using AssetTrack you will be tracking Computers, and Printers assets.  You can make a filter to reflect those using Model Category like the image below.


After you have made the correct query to represent what you are tracking you can right click on the filter (all the way to the right) and do a "Copy Query" and send that to AMI Support at support@amitracks.com (Example shown below.)   


AMI will then send you a new Production License Key with the new filter added to the existing filter for you to apply to your instance.  You can get more information on updating the license key on our Renew your expired AssetTrack license documentation.

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