Custom Substate

1. First you must have your custom substate in your entity field. Go to x_amiam_assettrack_ami_entity_field.list in the navigator then go to the substatus field below by clicking on "true" next to substatus.



Add your custom fields to Field JSON like we did for Custom Substate and Substate2 in the following image by following the format of the previously listed substates and make sure pay attention to the letter case (example. label= "Custom Substate" value= "custom_substate").



2. Now because substate is dependent on status we need to go to the install_status field (Status field) and find the Status we are trying to add our custom substate to so we can take record of the dependent value for later. Go back to the x_amiam_assettrack_ami_entity_field.list in the navigator then go to the install_status field below by clicking on "true" next to install_status (field shown below).


Now here is where you need to take a note. You'll need to note the value of the status for which you are trying to add the custom substate to (example shown in image below. "In Use" has dependent value = 1).




3. In the filter navigator go to alm_asset.list


Right click on the column Asset Tag. Navigate to Configure then All. This should bring up a list of tables and you’ll want to click on the Dictionary Entries tab and find the substate field (shown in the 2nd image below):


Click on alm_asset next to "substatus"

mceclip8.pngHere you can add your custom Substate. Making sure it matches with the information listed in your entity fields found at x_amiam_assettrack_ami_entity_field.list (Make sure the letter case for value matches or it will not function).


4. The final step before adding the substates to your forms in the Form Designer is to clear the AMI Cache by searching for tables in the filter navigator then clicking "Tables" under system definition then search AMI Cache in the label column. Right click on AMI Cache and click "Show List".


Now you just want to delete the cache by deleting all rows and you should be all set to add the custom substate to your fields in the Form Designer.




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