AssetTrack for ServiceNow 3.1.0 Release Notes

AssetTrack 3.1.0 is now available in the ServiceNow Store. 


Below are links for the update sets needed for upgrade and upgrade instructions.

3.1.0 Core Module Administration Module

3.1.0 Procurement Module (Only needed if using the procurement forms)

AssetTrack Upgrade Instructions

AssetTrack for ServiceNow 3.1.0

New Features:

  • Client support for boolean fields
  • Client support for conditional field visibility
  • Client support for search placeholder text and help link
  • Client support for hiding fields on dog tag view
  • Client support for hiding scan button
  • Client support for url launched forms closing automatically
  • Client support for datetime fields
  • Client support for upload button text
  • Client improvements to Multi-User Audit
  • Client bug fixes
  • An all choices property was added to choice fields in the legacy api to allow the client to display choice labels for choices that were filtered out of the available choices of a bulk choice field.
  • Allow empty fields in Audit Searches
  • More detailed error messages for Offline Sync
  • Added RFID tag filtering
  • Added ability to ignore blank search fields on audit forms
  • Added Attachment data processing
  • Added Multi-User Audit (MUA)
  • Added Lifecycle histories

Bug Fixes:

  • Android devices on the RFD8500s will no longer lose the last character in the scan
  • Fixed issue where the iPhone camera roates when it shouldn't
  • Fixed issue with MUA loading slow on first scan
  • Fixed issue with large audits exceeding ServiceNow upload capacity
  • Fixed AMI launching URLS if form was unspecified
  • Fixed issue with Non-reference fields in entity designer only show "Choice" for JSON templates
  • Fixed issue where null values were being treated as undefined in the AMI Client
  • Fixed issue where fields without choices in ServiceNow were getting a choice list of just the blank value
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