How do define global rules that apply to all forms?


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Tom Watson

Today there isn't a way to do this other than to create an initial form with the rules you need, and then to clone that form.

But that isn't what you're asking for. You want to specify a rule and apply it everywhere, anytime you want, no matter how many forms you have.

We know you want this, and will build it when we move the form designer to the Smart Client, early 2015.

We have to focus first on data collection, because there are so many more users. But we understand administrators need this for setup and ongoing support to save a lot of time making changes. We need it as well in support.

Stay tuned...


Just commented on one of Justin' new feature request posts around control form fields based on user perms rather that having multiple form versions. We've run into that same use case and I also noted in my comment that something like this global rule feature you proposed in 2014 would be another layer of admin improvement in terms of maintaining the system config behind the scenes. I see there is also a community post to have a way to export all the rules and their granular config options collectively. That would be a similar solve. Honestly, whichever is easier to deliver would be helpful I think.


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