Ability to tie in external data from other systems

We receive some assets, enter PO number, scan the devices and add it.
Warehouse people don't know costs and other information about assets, and we'd like to be able to take information from our ERP system and update assets. Or, we run SCCM and want to be able have it update the hostname of assets.

How can we take feeds from other systems and update asset records?

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Tom Watson

AMI offers an "Upload API" for AssetTrack which can be installed on a top of an existing AssetTrack server installation. It enables programmers to feed data into AssetTrack through the "Queue" to ensure uploaded data is reconciled properly.

For example, you can use the Upload API to automate the import of Advance Ship Notices into the repository. Your developers can write code to read ASN files and post them to AssetTrack.

All data is processed through the Queue, so you get all the same validation you get with AssetTrack mobile forms.

For more information, see AssetTrack Upload API in our product documentation.

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